Not Billionaires, Private Interests, Or ALEC-Aligned Stooges – Teachers Need To Be At The Heart Of What Happens To Public Schools This Fall

About a year ago, my wife gifted me with a red t-shirt she purchased from The Bitter Southerner. This one to be precise.


I am wearing it today since it is Wednesday and thinking a lot about how the landscape of public education has changed and might still be altered after this pandemic. I am also thinking about how all of the talk concerning how schooling needs to be revamped in the future. Most of all, I am trying to see if teachers are part of this planning or even asked to give input.

Gov. Cuomo of New York just put together atask force to “reimagine” schools in the coming year after the COVID-19 outbreak.


And look who he put in charge – Bill Gates. In fact, that task force leaves out teachers.

In North Carolina, State Superintendent Mark Johnson’s Schools Reopening Task Force included no current teachers and no people from the three most hard hit areas by the coronavirus.

Even the man who crafted the precursor of North Carolina’s Read To Achieve Program and the School Performance Grading System while playing governor in Florida penned an op-ed in the Washington Post last week offered some ideas that would surely make his cronies some money.


When Jeb Bush came to NC in the summer of 2018 at the behest of NC lawmakers, I don’t remember any teachers at that table.

It’s kind of like re-imagining health care without input from health care professionals or receiving marital advice from someone who has never been in a long-term relationship. It’s like getting counseling from someone who cannot even empathize with your situation.

But with the end of the traditional school year coming and the need to start talking about how we will proceed with fall, it is apparent that the input of teachers is paramount.

Why? Because “Teachers Can Turn This Thing Around.”

And don’t forget to vote this November.