Come August, Trump Might Hear Teachers Speaking Very Loudly

“It’s just — to me it’s not an acceptable answer, especially when it comes to schools.” 

That’s what Donald Trump said in response to Dr. Fauci’s comments about not reopening schools without more answers to existing questions about COVID-19.  


You can listen to Trump’s “logic” and his “expertise” on the science of infectious diseases here.

While Trump and others like Sen. Rand Paul question the validity of Dr. Fauci’s words, high ranking government officials might want to heed the words of teachers and public education advocacy groups.

Consider this:


The nation’s two biggest teachers unions say they would consider strikes or major protests if schools reopen without the proper safety measures in place or against the advice of medical experts — raising the possibility of yet more school disruptions.

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten, previewing a reopening plan first with POLITICO, said funding is needed for a host of public health measures for schools, including personal protective equipment. Collective bargaining, strong enforcement of safety standards and protections from retaliation will be important for teachers and staff so they feel safe to speak up as schools try new approaches, she said.


Teachers are united after more than two years of strikes for more state funding and they have “tremendous power” as advocates for children’s safety, said Lily Eskelsen García, president of the National Education Association. She didn’t rule out strikes if state leaders move prematurely on a reopening of schools, and she said she believes parents would protest too.

“You put all things on the table when it comes to student safety,” Eskelsen García said. “And … I don’t think we’ll be alone.”

Remember that according to Berger and Hise NC doesn’t have a teacher union but a left-winged group of 5,000 teachers that tries to speak for the profession. Well, that group did this one day when we didn’t have a pandemic and student safety wasn’t the primary issue.


That number and more can make just as big a statement even while socially distant over this issue if it comes to that in August.