The Anemic & Reactionary School Re-Opening Plan Of NC published a post yesterday entitled “Expecting school to reopen like normal next year? Don’t.

And there were two rather disturbing aspects about what was reported concerning the State Superintendent’s plan to address the reopening of public schools this next school year.

First, Johnson was quoted as communicating to members of the COVID-19 taskforce,

“I will be blunt. Since the start of our switch to remote learning in March, I have held the belief that we are going to need to utilize remote learning next school year as well in some form or fashion.”

That’s what state Superintendent of Public Instruction Mark Johnson said in an email to members and advisors of a task force looking at how to safely reopen schools amid COVID-19.

The first part of March was two months ago. That’s two months of exploring options, talking to people, consulting experts, collaborating with other officials in other states, etc.  And truthfully, there really has not been any communication to local school systems or schools about what has happened in those two months among the decision makers.

That actually speaks volumes.

The second alarming reality of EdNC’s post is the comparison one can make among working drafts of plans to reopen schools that different states have put together.

Maryland has a plan:

It’s 54 pages right now.

Missouri has one that is over 90 pages.

Oklahoma has one that is now 45 pages.

And what is NC’s? Just this.

One page.

Says a lot.

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  1. We need to start school in August as planned for our school and the well being of students and staff alike. We all can’t run scared. If the can open up a swimming pool and people going to the beach for the love of God open schools so we can all have a sense of normalcy please.

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