North Carolina’s Opportunity Grants – STILL The Least Transparent Voucher System In The Nation

The Children’s Law Clinic At Duke University’s Law School just issued its latest report on the voucher program of North Carolina called the Opportunity Grants.


And while it shows that more students are using them for secular private schools, the majority of the vouchers are going to religiously affiliated schools. In fact, since they were created six years ago, over 90% of the vouchers given have gone to religious schools.

Below are some of the more illuminating data tables and graphs.

A sizable numbers of those new students awarded vouchers this year never have been to a public school.


The vast majority of vouchers used in 2019-2020 still went to religious schools.


Most of the schools that receive voucher students have a total enrollment of 250 students or less.


Trinity Christian still ranks as the largest receiver of voucher funds. The top five are religious based schools.


The largest receiver of voucher funds for secular schools closed suddenly in January of this year. FOR FINANCIAL REASONS.


But probably the biggest takeaway is that NC literally has no good oversight as to how the vouchers are working.


Hence, the list of recommendations makes incredible sense.