The President’s Roundtable For Reopening Schools (And What DeVos Said)

Belwo is a link to the entire video of Trump’s “roundtable” discussion for the reopening of schools in the US.

Various officials spoke – all positively in favor of the president’s call for the full reopening of schools.

It is a tad bit reminiscent of the first scene in King Lear when Lear asks his own daughters to describe how much they love him as a way to see who gets a share of the inheritance.

Betsy DeVos speaks around 1:08.00 in.

And yes, she equates this with the building of the Panama Canal, both World Wars, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the defeat of ISIS.

“We’ve dug out the Panama Canal. We’ve won world wars. We’ve reduced the Berlin Wall to Rubble, and thanks to you, we’ve defeated ISIS. With grit, determination, and grace, we can do what’s right for all students and ensure they are back at school.”

-Betsy DeVos

One thought on “The President’s Roundtable For Reopening Schools (And What DeVos Said)

  1. I am not a trump head but I am old and fat. We are panicking a little too much on getting schools reopened. We need laws that let parents keep their kids at home. Send everyone a $200 chromebook and let them work at home. Make wifi a free public utility. pay workers and students to start troll farms so that we can punk russia and china like they do us, something of value that can be social distanced. Or have kids work on space force stuff because they’re good at video games. but we’re better off just accepting the new reality than continuing to pump false infos about how it’s ok to open back up when people are dying all around us. i want to support the economy too, that’s why my space force idea has merit, but not at the expense of killing the old lunch ladies. Back in my day school was practically optional anyway. We’d go home to work on the farm if gramps needed help or we’d cut out to play pinball at Winkie’s diner back home. And we all turned out just fine. Some of my friends became really rich in their businesses (vending machines) without finishing school at all. And these days you can go onto Udemy or YouTube and learn anything for almost free. let the kids stay home and enjoy what little life they have. Also the government should give us cat food for free because I have 14 cats and they don’t feed themselves.


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