Right Now, There Is Only One Plan We Can Enact For Reopening Schools If NC Continues This Way

It’s not hard to imagine that if there is a teacher or two or three who might be exposed to an active case of COVID-19, the number of sick days or personal days that would have to used by that teacher(s) could literally wipe out the sick/personal day bank.

That’s just if a teacher comes into “close” contact with a known case.

What if the teacher contracts the virus at school and is out for who-knows-how-long?

Are there going to be enough subs available?

One of the basic questions that teachers and other school personnel have in this debate about Plan A or Plan B or Plan C is what happens if a teacher has to quarantine because of actions that are beyond the control of the individual?

Two weeks is at least 10 sick days. Lots of beginning teachers do not have much sick leave or personal leave built up. Will quarantining or battling COVID-19 be taken from a teacher/employee’s pool of days?

Subs cost money. Many people who are qualified to sub will not place themselves in a situation like we might be asking our teachers to be in for a short time if at all.

And let’s not forget that we are dealing with a situation that requires more safety protocols and more resources to just begin to tackle the idea of opening up schools.

Mentioned by a colleague in my own school system was this:

Harry Morley is a special education teacher in my school system.

What he’s referring to is this:

That document is over 30 pages long.

And then look at this from Dr. Drew Polly at UNC-Charlotte. He is quoting Dr. Chelsea Bartel, an NC Licensed Psychologist who works in schools and who took notes on a recent press conference with Governor Cooper.

That does not instill a great amount of confidence within this teacher that we can safely do what Phil Berger wants us to do.

Remember that guidelines for reopening schools were established early in June.

There are 3 plans.

With “critical factors” that need to be monitored for students, teachers, and employees:

Do you think we are anywhere near where we need to be to even consider a plan other than Plan C?

2 thoughts on “Right Now, There Is Only One Plan We Can Enact For Reopening Schools If NC Continues This Way

  1. I teach University level and I wish/hope we pivot back to online only before Aug 10 which is our start date.The simple fact of the upsurge right after the reopening should be reason enough to go back to plan C. And frankly, I’m surprised parents want their kids back in school! We were told the main reason we were considering the in person and hybrid options was because the majority of parents and students wanted it that way. What parent wants their kid to take that risk? Most profs, and especially grad students, are VERY worried about their health and prefer to teach online or to be given the option without having to be on the CDC at risk list to request online only. Of course students would _rather_ see their classmates and have the full campus life experience, but there are extenuating circumstances to say the least.


  2. I know many schools are preparing for a plan B opening, but even that seems incredibly risky.

    I hate to accuse anyone of doing anything without solid proof, but at this point, it seems that the reason the Trump administration wants schools open in the fall is to create the illusion that COVID is more under control than it is, which could potentially boost approval ratings during election season.

    I want to believe that’s not it, because it all seems a bit … monstrous, but I’m left with few other options to consider.


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