Judy Arnn Oakley Was The Best Of Us. She Still is.

I am not the teacher I am now without the unselfish mentoring of Judy Oakley. I am not the parent I am now without the example of Judy Oakley. Most importantly, I am not the person I am now without witnessing the way that Judy Oakley lived her life.

In the past couple of days as I have reflected on the loss of Judy Oakley, I find myself thinking of how she lived her life.

Authentically. Without pretense. In the present. Without reservation.

Judy Oakley understood life’s essential paradoxes and lived them.

And she was ever the teacher. While she may have retired from the WSFCS school system as an English teacher, Judy Oakley never stopped teaching others about how to wear life like a loose cloak while holding loved ones close.

She made you feel like you were the exact person she was coming to see and that your words and thoughts had value. She took any moment that you were sharing with her and framed it lovingly for your memory.

She was one of my favorite people. I am really going to miss her.

She simply was the best of us.

Please keep Coach and Blake in your thoughts.

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7 thoughts on “Judy Arnn Oakley Was The Best Of Us. She Still is.

  1. So glad I knew her and that I was given the gift of her friendship and love. She helped me through so many difficult times, by just listening and smiling at me. What a woman. RIP Judy


  2. Judy was and is the type of person that makes an imprint on your heart and soul that will stay with you forever. I am a better person for having known her. In the words of Tina Turner, she was “Simply the Best”!


  3. Just will forever be in my heart! I will always cherish the wisdom and encouragement you shared with me!


  4. I still find it difficult to believe that my sweet Judy is no longer physically here with us. In my soul, she will always be with me through two decades of love, encouragement and advice. I will carry her spirit in my heart until my final day here. She was so gifted at making everyone around her feel valued and seen. What an amazing legacy she leaves behind.


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