State Financed Discrimination & Homophobia: North Carolina’s Voucher System

An “Opportunity Grant” in North Carolina is worth up to $4200 a year to cover (or help cover) tuition at a non-public participating school.

Currently NC is on pace to give almost a billion dollars to vouchers within the next ten years.


This is a system that was considered the least transparent in the entire country in 2017. From the Children’s Law Clinic at Duke’s School of Law:

Duke study

And still is in the 2020 version of the report from the same research team.

Below is a list of the applications to schools this school year from the NCSEAA, the North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority.

Now just view the schools in the past school year that have taken the most voucher money. From a recent report in the Asheville Citizen -Times from USA Today.

But that is not the entire table that was printed in that report.

That report is tracing all of the schools which receive voucher money that also discriminate against LGBTQ families.

Here is what the entire table looks like:

Four of the top five in receipt of voucher money last school year have policies stated against he admission of LGBTQ family members.

Again from that report:

There are other interactive data tables / maps in that news report which provide rather insightful data, but what is most apparent is that North Carolina allows for a voucher system that funds discrimination and homophobia.

And Dan Forest wants all students in North Carolina to have these.