Betsy’s Gone. Apply For The Damn Waivers NOW!

Well, that ended rather abruptly.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos resigned today.

Now that DeVos is gone and the next two weeks will be a gigantic lesson in civics and social studies that no standardized test could ever measure, the newly sworn-in State Superintendent should ask for a federal waiver for mandated standardized tests.

First thing in the morning.

Get it on record at least.

Because this is one of the last things I remember seeing from Truitt when she was campaigning just a couple of months ago was this:

Mrs. Truitt, unless you want to still align yourself with the above picture and remain silent about being on that stage, then support North Carolinian students who about to take tests only to measure how badly we as adults have done in dealing with this pandemic.

Today alone these were the numbers:


And don’t think that Betsy’s resignation 13 days before she was to leave office was a noble gesture. It’s just to show the veneer of caring in order to try and hide an absolutely horrible legacy.