“We Have Found The First Witch!” – About The Lt. Governor’s New “FACTual” Education Taskforce

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Exhume McCarthy and let the witch hunt begin.

From our new Lt. Governor:

No description available.

Yes. Mark Robinson is going to root out those in public education who do not use facts. He even named his puritanical squad the F.A.C.T.S. Taskforce. It stands for Fairness and Accountability in the Classroom for Teachers and Students.

Before any public school teacher tells Robinson that there is no time in this day and age of teaching to the test and performing the myriad of other duties to even think about what he/she could start to indoctrinate, maybe he should simply extend this witch hunt to all levels of public education policy.

Like the State Board of Education.

And we just found our first witch.

Speaking of facts (from WRAL.com).

Actually Michele is a woman.

World is still here.

Well, actually there is a fact: we are not New Zealand. But those are not real tears he is drinking.

Actually, Obama is worth a lot of money. And he is a man of faith.

There’s the Confederate flag representing a time when slavery was practiced in the South as the root of an economic system that systematically kept an entire race under the control of another.

Wait, but didn’t Robinson say that there was no such thing as systemic racism?

Facts can be slippery things when one is just trying to be relevant and hold a press conference to create a taskforce that has absolutely no power.

Beware of witches.

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