Another Hypocritical & Pharisaical Bill To Target Teachers And Weaken Public Schools: SB700

Senate Bill 700 was just filed today at the North Carolina General Assembly.

Here are a couple of parts to that bill:

First, who is to decide what is considered equal weighting? Notice the sponsors of the bills are hard-lined representatives of the same political party. And remember there is a person on the state board who has a website so that people can bypass local administration and report about what they think is indoctrination. That same person has some really divisive posts on social media.

Post everything that is used and the sourcing of all of these materials? So that people can make judgement without the context and measure those materials against their own personal bias and viewpoints?

Oh, and charter schools are not included in this legislation.

Feels a tad bit Orwellian from the party that preaches “small government.”

And don’t let the irony be lost on the people who sponsor this bill.

Sen. Krawiec has not let her unweighted political considerations be bound by her office. Remember this?


Sen. Ralph Hise introduced a bill last session to expand the voucher system during a pandemic.


It should be noted that never in the existence of the Opportunity Grants has all of the money appropriated for it ever been used. It also should be noted that around 90% of vouchers go to religious schools that do not have to teach a certain curriculum.

And NC’s voucher system is probably the least transparent in the nation.

Sounds fairly “weighted” to me. Odd how he wants to finance a non-transparent “system” that enables a weighted view of the world inside of a classroom, but wants all public school teachers to post everything used in a classroom to be judged.