The “Youth Health Protection Act” Is Nothing More Than Puritanical Paranoia And Discrimination

Sen. Ralph Hise is leading the NCGA to even new lows.

He helped introduce this bill this week.

In Hise’s eyes a “youth health protection act” is something that “protects minors from administration of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones and other related actions, procedures, and treatments.”

It instructs government agents to:

Teachers are government agents.

Ironic that a man like Hise who is linked to a larger cohort of part-time lawmakers in a party that champions individual freedoms wants people in a profession that he has willingly de-professionalized to now become gender police and carry out orders based on discriminatory practices.

As a teacher, I will always advocate for my students no matter their race, religion, creed, or gender. One would think that an elected official would do the same.

And if Hise believes that my unwillingness to co-opt his hateful policies would akin to allowing a certain “doctrination” to be taking place, he can report me. Here is the form on the Lt.Gov’s site:

But remember, that person who runs that site already has shown a propensity to confuse genders already.