About That “Golden Rule” Approach In NC Schools: Actions Speak Loud As Well

State Superintendent Catherine Truitt has finally provided a public stance on Critical Race Theory.


That statement was in relation to this bill.

That bill comes from the same governing body that brought North Carolina this:

In the decision in Cooper v. Harris, the eight-member pre-Gorsuch roster upheld a district court’s ruling that two congressional districts in North Carolina were unconstitutional racial gerrymanders, putting an end to one part of a six-year saga that began with redistricting in 2011.

That racial gerrymandering was championed by another powerful politician, Phil Berger who just said this:

When in reality this is how far Berger’s party has really come:

And that same Lt. Gov. said last year:

“I don’t believe in systemic racism.” – Mark Robinson, Sept. 19th during Lt. Gov. candidate debate.