The New Teacher Licensure Process Proposal: A Repackaging Of Failed Reform Measures And Initiatives

The following graphics summarize a new teacher licensure path as proposed by The Human Capital Roundtable. A good summary of this new proposal can be found on

From that EdNC article:

The Human Capital Roundtable — a group of state education leaders and educators working on strategies to hire and keep good teachers — presented a set of recommendations to the State Board of Education, which was then forwarded to PEPSC in 2021.

The Roundtable concluded that the most effective way to get and keep teachers was to change North Carolina’s licensure process.

“The overarching goal is to create an outcomes-based licensure system,” Miller said.

Unless it is incredibly well explained in more detail, what these graphics really show is the reshuffling of failed reform measures and initiatives from the past decade being melded together, re-wrapped, and presented as a brand new solution to a problem created by our North Carolina General Assembly.

Merit pay, EVAAS, more evaluation systems based on testing, no adherence to Leandro, no graduate degree pay, no due-process rights, more classes with more students, etc.

All been done already.

What this is is another blueprint for making sure that fewer teachers in this state retire as career educators.

And if you have not read Kim Mackey’s brilliant piece offering solid solutions to our teacher candidate shortage, please do.