The Cruel Irony Of “The Year Of The Workforce”

“We’ve got to redefine what the purpose of K-12 education is. Some would say it’s to produce critical thinkers. But my team and I believe that the purpose of a public K-12 education is to prepare students for post-secondary plans of their choice so that they can be a functioning member of the workforce.”– STATE SUPERINTENDENT CATHERINE TRUITT, JANUARY 6TH, 2022

In the same presentation as the quote above, Truitt actually named 2022 “The Year of the Workforce.”

From on January 7th:

And just this past November, North Carolina passed a budget that will over time shrink the state corporate tax rate to ZERO.

Cranking out “workers” so they can work for entities that will not have to pay any corporate taxes in the near future? Seems to be the plan.