So Catherine, Can EVAAS Measure Empathy?

The new NC Portrait of a Graduate as highlighted today in offered a little explanation of the new competencies that DPI and the state superintendent expect of our new graduates.

Here are those seven “competencies”:

And on that topic of EMPATHY, this was reported:

That’s a mature student with an insightful take on the fact that a classroom is so much more than a test score or a grade. She said that while with the state superintendent who is pushing a new licensure / pay scheme that links student performance to teacher pay and licensure.

From the last version of the NC Pathways to Excellence for Teaching Professionals plan:

So Catherine, can EVAAS measure a teacher’s effects on student empathy? Or student adaptability? Or student collaboration? Or a student’s mindset? Or even a student’s personal responsibility?

Because none of that is mentioned in the new licensure / pay proposal. But EVAAS is mentioned at every licensure level as a measure.