Thou Shall Not Lie! NC Is 48th – Not 10th.

Thou shall not bear false witness about how the NC General Assembly funds its public school system.

Especially when you are a seven-term state representative who has been a part of the damaging group of lawmakers who have attacked public education this last decade.

And he’s a minister on top of that.

In the video referenced below, he claims that North Carolina is a top-10 state when it comes to per pupil expenditures.

Willful ignorance for political gain under a holy guise when that is so far from the truth is not very godly.

That headline from highlights a report from the Education Law Center.

That’s NC way down there at the bottom.

Actually, North Carolina didn’t look good for many of the measures highlighted.

Here’s a measure that Rep. Shepard must have overlooked:

Strange that Shepard has been in office during the whole time this data table spans.

Maybe he was referring to this:

Yep. NC was top ten in that category. But when the state was already low in its funding, a simple reallocation of a few dollars makes a bigger impact on the percentage reported.

Not really something to brag about.