Dear Berger and Moore, If You Are Going to Call Another Special Session, Then Maybe…

…they should consider this one tweet from Kris Nordstrom.


Special sessions under the Berger / Moore regime have been nothing more than power grabs – HB2, HB17, etc.

But considering that there is fear on the part of Berger and Moore, maybe their special session concerning the six amendments and their wording could also be used to craft some more public school friendly “laws.”

Instead of the amendment to require photo ID for voting, maybe revise and edit it to say that the state will not in any way or form try and suppress anyone’s right to vote in the same way it is any student’s right to obtain a quality public education no matter their race, creed, income, health, and socioeconomic background.

Instead of the amendment to  “establish a Bipartisan Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement and to clarify board appointments”  which is nothing more than a power grab to take over the duties of the governor, maybe revise and edit it to say that the state will not in any way or form try and reduce the power of professionals who were elected or hired to perform said duties. It’s kind of like saying that the NCGA will not try to limit what teachers are allowed to do to advocate for public schools.

Instead of the “merit selection” for filling judicial vacancies as a way of trying to take over the judicial side of the the checks & balances in government, maybe revise and edit it to say that the state will not in any way or form try to redefine the power of certain individuals to take part in governing and speaking out.  Besides, the idea of “merit selection” is rather vague in that whoever gets to define the merits gets to measure them as well and this NCGA really has not shown much merit. It’s kind of akin to non-educators trying to measure what happens in classrooms and using “merit” pay initiatives, vague evaluation processes like Standard 6 and ASW’s, and looking at test scores instead of growth.

Instead of the %7 cap on state income taxes, maybe revise and edit it to say that the state will fully fund public schools.

And there is that school bond thing mentioned by Nordstrom.

Ironically, what Berger and Moore are really showing is that how people use language is rather important. Makes this English teacher feel a little more valued. But it also reminds me that while voting for these “spun” amendments, on that same ballot we can send these people home and not back to Raleigh.


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