The Fragilepidermalitis of Phil Berger – A 50K Diagnosis of One Tweet

The North Carolina General Assembly convened a special session within 24 hours to be able to provide a certain spin to how constitutional amendments are worded on a ballot that will allow a group to seize more power of the state government.

The reason for such a swift call to a special session that costs tax payers $50K a day to have?


berger tweet

The tweet of one man.

A very smart, insightful, and dedicated public servant who seeks to display the truth.

And Phil Berger rushes into a special session to pass a bill to take over how the constitutional amendments are to be worded.

It’s cowardly.

That’s funny when considering that the exact opposite of one tweet will get Phil Berger to literally end an open session debate and go straight to committee.

Remember this?


It got Berger to pass the budget through a “nuclear option.”

Also, cowardly.

One thought on “The Fragilepidermalitis of Phil Berger – A 50K Diagnosis of One Tweet

  1. Gerry changed how I got elected the first time in Chapel Hill-Carrboro (because only he remembered a 1973 local bill that dictated unfilled term would be 5th place vote-getter instead of separate ballot), so I know his power. What I find most amazing about this is how they are taking something clearly in jest and using it to attempt to politicize our Constitution. Since I was first sworn in after Amendment 1 passed, I’ve always been glad that our oath says we’ll follow the NC Constitution only on the points where it doesn’t conflict with the US Constitution. These amendments need to be defeated instead of making our state more of a laughingstock of a democracy.


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