Not All Who Marched and Rallied On May 1st Were in Raleigh

Almost every county and school system showed it’s support for the All Out on May 1st this week.



34 school districts. 10 charter schools.

There were thousands who marched. And so many more who lent support from their home districts.

To think that everyone who put in a personal leave day for May 1st was able to make it to Raleigh for the actual march is erroneous. The WSFCS school system brought a couple of chartered buses and many people came with their own transportation. Over 1300 put in for a personal leave day from the WSFCS system, many of whom knew that they could not actually physically be there for a variety of valid reasons.

That’s 1300 people in one school district who made it possible for many to go to Raleigh and those who did not make it to Raleigh were still marching and rallying on their own.

The May 1st teacher march and rally was more than an actual demonstration of unity in a closed area that saw a sea of red flow through the streets of Raleigh. It was the sum of all of those who supported the very causes of why we marched. In WSFCS, that included all of the parents, community members, students, and public school advocates who in one way or the other helped to show the NCGA that its priorities should change in respect to public education and serving the needs of our students.

1300 school employees put in a personal day. So many more in the system supported All Out for May 1st.

And that’s just for one of the 115 LEA’s in the state. To think of the actual number of school employees around the state who put in a personal day in support of May 1st and add that to all of the people who were in active support of All Out for May 1st, then you would have a truer count of how many marched and rallied not just in Raleigh, but in the state.

No image could show that count.

But a voting booth can. Last year’s May 16th march showed that, and 2020 has a lot more at stake on a national level.

May 1st was another step. Continued activism, advocacy, and energy does not need a special date or specific place to be displayed. It needs a focus and that focus has the face of our students on it. That means every day in every place we do what we can to strengthen their public schools and make sure they are fully funded.

The rally and march is still going – statewide – with more people than a single photo could ever hope to capture.