No School Should Ever Be Vandalized – Not Mine. Not Yours.

A recent Facebook post from the baseball coach at the school where I teach strikes many nerves.

😡If kids/people only knew how much time, work, sweat, and money went into taking care of our fields and facilities then this wouldn’t happen. These are just some of the pictures of the actual damage done. They also got our state championship banners, CPC tournament and conference championships banners, etc 😡

What followed were pictures of the vandalism that occurred at some of the athletic facilities at West Forsyth High School.

The hours, the work, the fundraising, the care, and the commitment it takes to maintain athletic facilities at any school is enormous. And the reward for that is seeing great students do great things to become great people.

And great things have happened on those fields. State championship teams have played there. There are not many weeks in a year where my kid and I have not been in attendance.

If you know anything, let the West Forsyth Athletic Department be aware.

Below are the pictures posted (some more derogatory than others) as they are presented on social media, and while there is another school’s name referenced, it is not in any way representative of that school’s commitment to excellence nor is this post an accusation. The fact that a school was written on some of the pieces of property does not mean that it came from students at this school.

This is not the first time this has happened at a school in this district.

But it is beneath what any school stands for.

And we all pay for it in one way or another.





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