Actually, Mark Johnson “should at the very least resign.”

James Ford’s letter in response to Mark Johnson was simply power, not because he explained in no uncertain terms the lack of substance Johnson’s argument had, but because he used it as a teaching tool.

Ford met Johnson in the arena Johnson opened and responded by showing that the very message he is sending is the one needed to be heard most by those in power.

Ford was (and still is) the teacher. Johnson needs to be a student and listen.

Ford spoke as a voice for many. Johnson only pretended to.

Here are some direct words, phrases, and clauses from Mark Johnson’s ill-advised public epistle to James Ford last week:

"How can you continue to serve in this role ..."
"Your actions have called into question..."
"You should at the very least resign..."
"Your rhetoric harms our mission..."

And it makes me want to directly tell Mark Johnson that he “should at the very least resign” because his “rhetoric harms” a “mission” to bring equity into the NC public school system.

So many of Johnson’s “actions have called into question” his ability to “continue to serve in this role.”

Even if it is just for five more months.