Trump’s Platform: School Choice For All And “American Exceptionalism”

On the eve of the Republican National Convention that will “take place” in Charlotte, NC (where it was originally planned to be held before it was cancelled and then rescheduled), President Trump released a list of “50 Core Priorities” for a second term if elected again.

Two of those “priorities” are on education.

“Provide School Choice to Every Child in America.”

Nothing screams vouchers for all and privatization of the public school systems in America more than that.

“Teach American Exceptionalism.”

“American Exceptionalism” is a bit of a lightning rod in terminology. From Ian Tyrrell in a piece for The Week entitled “What, exactly, is ‘American exceptionalism’?”:

American exceptionalism is not the same as saying the United States is “different” from other countries. It doesn’t just mean that the U.S. is “unique.” Countries, like people, are all different and unique, even if many share some underlying characteristics. Exceptionalism requires something far more: a belief that the U.S. follows a path of history different from the laws or norms that govern other countries. That’s the essence of American exceptionalism: The U.S. is not just a bigger and more powerful country — but an exception. It is the bearer of freedom and liberty, and morally superior to something called “Europe.” Never mind the differences within Europe, or the fact that “the world” is bigger than the U.S. and Europe. The “Europe” versus “America” dichotomy is the crucible in which American exceptionalist thinking formed.