Listening To The State Superintendent Elect’s Words, Do We Really Need EOC Exams?

From her op-ed last week on co-written with State Board Chair Eric Davis:

“Conducting testing is an essential part of a student’s educational journey,” Superintendent-Elect Catherine Truitt said. “As an educator and parent of two public school students, I believe the more knowledge we have of our children’s progress the better.”

But almost three weeks earlier, Catherine Truitt said something else.

In her November 22nd interview with Fox News, Catherine Truitt was quoted as telling the producers of the segment that “between March and September students lost on average 50% in literacy and 70% for math.”

She was talking about “learning loss” due to the pandemic.

Listen for yourself. Click here for the link.

If she already knows what the “learning loss” is, then why are we spending time just affirming what she already has proclaimed?

And doesn’t it seem that the actual professionals in the classrooms (whether physical or virtual) would best know how to measure student learning during this pandemic?