Concerning EOC Exams: Do What Durham Did

From today’s News & Observer:

The school board approved an adjusted grading scale of 90 to 100 for all End-of-Course and Career and Technical Education exams. Last week’s vote followed the State Board of Education giving local districts the option to weigh exam scores differently this year, Durham school board Chair Bettina Umstead said.

The N.C. Department of Public Instruction uses EOC exams to measure a student’s knowledge in four subjects: Math 1, Math 3, English II and Biology.

Take a look again at the last line in the above quote: DPI “uses EOC exams to measure a student’s knowledge.”

That’s rather funny that two emails this last week from the outgoing state superintendent and a press release and op-ed from the incoming state super and chair of the state board seem to measure that no one in Raleigh knows exactly what rules govern the use of EOCs in the first place.

Every LEA should adopt what Durham did.