Dear Lt. Gov., Have You Found Any Witches Yet?

This past March, Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson put together a “task force” to root out indocitrination in our schools.

He even set up a website for people to issue a complaint on his Lt. Gov.’s official website.

Here are the criteria for submission:

What to submit:

  • Examples of discrimination or harassment related to a student’s faith, ethnicity, worldview, or political beliefs;
  • Examples of unequal, inconsistent, or disparate treatment of students in the enforcement of school rules and/or in disciplinary matters;
  • Examples of students being subjected to indoctrination according to a political agenda or ideology, whether through assigned work, teacher comments, or a hostile classroom environment;
  • Examples of students being required to disclose details regarding their individual race/ethnicity, sexual preference, religious ideology, or economic status
  • Examples of students being exposed to inappropriate content or subject matter in the classroom, including matters relating to substance abuse, profanity, or of a sexual nature.

So my question as a taxpayer and NC citizen to the Lt. Governor is “How many witches have you found?” It’s been well over two months.

One thought on “Dear Lt. Gov., Have You Found Any Witches Yet?

  1. We’re probably fooling ourselves if we anticipate any level of transparency about this. They would only release data that serves their agenda and if there isn’t any, they just won’t release data.


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