Let’s “Talk Poverty” And Consider Its Effects On Public Schools

Earlier this week one of Sen. Phil Berger’s cronies in the NCGA tweeted this:

“Billions of dollars in unreserved cash” is what he said.

Then this is reported by Carolina Forward today on Twitter:

It links to a report by Talk Poverty, an initiative from the Center of American Progress, about levels of poverty in each state. North Carolina does not sit very well in the rankings.

Overall we are 40th out 51.

41st in child poverty.

Nothing “systemic” here, is there?
And when it comes to Hunger and Food Insecurity:

Unemployment Insurance:

And Health Insurance Coverage:

North Carolina has one of the nation’s most miserly unemployment benefit systems, never expanded Medicaid benefits financed by the federal government, still maintains the lowest minimum wage legally possible, and is one of a few states to outlaw collective bargaining rights for public employees.

But we have “billions of dollars in unreserved cash?”

Just think about how those factors in a student’s life could affect performance in schools. From EdNC.org: