The Hypocrisy Of Trump’s “Shout Out” To Catherine Truitt

That’s the title of a feature article on on Sept. 20th.

She was mostly answering questions about charter schools, but the notion that politics should not be in the “conversation” is rather odd coming from someone who has been to some rather high profile “political events.”

There was that press conference on 9/16 in Raleigh, when Phil Berger, Dan Forest, and Catherine Truitt all made a baseless overture for opening schools.

The News & Observer opened its report with this:

North Carolina Republican leaders, joined by a group of parents, demanded Wednesday that families be given an option for full-time, in-person instruction at schools.

And then today:

The nation’s biggest cheerleader for school choice who talked of withholding federal money from public schools if they did not fully open as he demanded and the man who placed Betsy DeVos in the cabinet as Secretary of Education did a “shout out” to Truitt at a political rally today in Greenville, NC.

Nothing political about that at all.